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March 28, 2023

How to Create, Save and Open an HTML file in Notepad

The point here is to prove to the hiring manager that you don’t just want a job, you want this job. There is no other position […]
March 28, 2023

Security check

Notepad++ has the“Encode UTF-8 without BOM” configuration . Via “Encoding” tab .Read this link , Display problems caused by the UTF-8 BOM. If you are doing […]
February 28, 2023

How to Choose Chromebook Compatible Printers

Win32 APIs also allow applications to send data directly to the spooler, bypassing the printer driver; however, few applications actually use this option. Double-click the downloaded […]
February 25, 2023

regf Windows registry file format specification md at master msuhanov regf

You may be able to fix a black screen on Windows startup and make your computer usable again. Once you’re in the Command Prompt, refer to […]